Student Success!

Student-SuccessStudent Success is a structured cognitive-behavioral approach designed to help students of all ages ”learn how to learn”  and ultimately learn how to solve everyday challenges.

More than “study skills training,” Student Success teaches your student five structured sequential steps to solving specific challenges related to his or her weak executive functioning skills and related language/learning challenges.   Your student’s unique executive skill needs are identified by you and/or her educators using our research-based Functional Aspects of Language, Learning, and Attention Questionnaire.

SOLVE Executive Functioning Problems

The acronym S-O-L-V-E represents five structured steps your student will learn to follow as he or she begins to take control of his or her future.

State Goals Clearly as your student considers how a specific executive skill hampers academic success and what changes he or she wants to make.

Overcome Old Ways of Thinking by understanding the role of executive functions, moving past self-blame, and taking responsibility for improvement.

Learn New Ways to be Successful by considering how to use strengths and research-based tools to reduce the cause/effect of specific executive skill challenges.

Venture: Make a Plan, Set a Goal, and Take Action by establishing a plan to address the cause/effect of his or her executive skill challenges and then taking daily actions to successfully address his or her specific needs.

Evaluate Your Progress regularly to determine what is working and learn a structured problem solving approach to fix what’s not working.

How it Works

  • During each session, a specific executive function is explored, your student’s related learning challenges are identified, new skills are learned, and plans to address needs are made using the SOLVE procedures.


  • Between sessions, your student practices the new strategies he or she has been taught.


  • At the beginning of the next session, we evaluate his or her progress, celebrate successes, and solve any problems with implementing the plan.

As she begins to internalize this structured approach to problem solving, we slowly turn these problem-solving procedures/processes over to your student so that she can begin to take control of her learning.

Over time, we discuss how to apply these underlying problem solving skills to new challenges in daily life.


How to Get Started

Call 817.421.8780  to learn how your student can benefit from this sequential and structured approach.


(c) 2009- 2016, S-O-L-V-E, Student Success procedures, Student Success materials, and Functional Aspects of Language, Learning, and Attention Questionnaire are copyrighted by Monte W. Davenport, PhD.