Executive Functions: These Active Strategies Can Help Students!

Studying and living life to the max without a plan and without organization is like trying to eat a pizza that’s not cut.  It’s overwhelming!  Where do you start? It’s hard to know.

In this series of articles, Dr. Davenport outlines  a number of strategies designed to give your child or teen the ability to break her studies down into small manageable steps just like a pizza cutter allows her to cut a pizza into smaller easier to handle pieces.

Try these strategies designed to address the most common academic difficulties associated with executive functioning problems.

Sustained Attention: Making Daily Tasks More Active

Working Memory


Time Management:

Planning and Prioritizing:

Self-Monitoring and Goal Directed Persistence

Response Inhibition


Emotional Control and Change Management

Help your child cut her school work down to size: apply the ideas in this set of posts to help her learn how to study more effectively, and then cheer her on to success!

Need help applying these skills? 

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