Two Tools to Prioritize!

Identifying your priorities is important because there are not enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do.

Without setting our priorities, many of us respond in the moment.  We shift our attention to whatever is most  pressing or exciting at the moment.  In order to actively suppress that urge, you need to identify and commit yourself to certain priority items.

I have found two ways to help students and adults who hate to schedule their time but need to prioritize and list out their most important tasks on a daily basis.

Priority Planner

Based on the system developed by President Dwight Eisenhower and made famous by Stephen Covey, Ph.D., my “Priority Planner” is a simplified version of their Priority Matrix that works well for students of all ages.

Prioritize by Context

The priority matrix does not work for everyone!  If you are one of those people, that’s OK… there are other options. When you prioritize by context, you figure out where you will complete specific tasks and then you prioritize based on the due date.  On your block schedule, you should include time to complete your priority items on your action lists.

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