Self-Compassion: Embracing Your Humanness

SELF-COMPASSION WEEK - HUMANNESSHere’s a profound thought: we humans are imperfect because we are human. We have a lot of flaws, and those flaws often lead to failures. But God made us human because He loves us that way: why do we struggle so to love our humanness?

Because we are human, accepting and embracing our humanness is difficult, but this should be an important goal in our lives. This is especially true if inconsistent executive functioning skills hamper our ability to experience consistent success in life. I know you’re thinking, “You just need to toughen up and try harder!” That’s because our society has told us things like, “Your life must be perfect!” Instead of worrying about showing our weaknesses, we need to worry about why we listen to an impoverished society that expects impossible things of us. We need to stop trying to obey society’s intolerable and insufferable imperatives and start embracing our humanity.

Recognizing our humanness is the first step to recognizing that it’s okay to be kind to ourselves when we are struggling. It starts by understanding our worth, accepting our needs, accepting inspiration from our fellow strugglers, and striving to inspire the next generation as outlined in my previous posts.

Understanding Your Worth

Accepting Your Needs

Recognizing Your Strengths

Accepting Inspiration from Others

Inspiring the Next Generation

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