Home Project Planner: Ten Steps to Better Communication about Home Projects

The “Home Project Planner” is designed to help spouses communicate and organize projects at home.  In this article, Dr. Davenport explains how to use this downloadable tool. 

 Download the Home Project Planner and Put Together a Project Binder

1. First, download the Home Project Planner, and print 10 – 15 copies double-sided.

2. Next, buy a three-ring binder and a set of 5 plastic index dividers.  Label the index divider tabs:

  • To Discuss

  • To Do This Week

  • To Do Later

  • Completed

  • Blank Forms

Fill the “Blank Forms” section with copies of the blank project planners.

Add Projects to the Binder

3. Each time one of you thinks of a project or task that needs to be done around the house, fill out a new project form by completing the project name, date, and description.  Place this form in the “To Discuss” section of your notebook.

Meet Regularly to Discuss Projects and Tasks to Complete

4. Schedule a time to meet once a week to talk about the projects in the binder.  During this time, go through the new forms and agree which tasks are urgent and can be easily completed during the current week.  Place the remaining new forms in order of priority in the “To Do Later” section of the notebook.

5. For the forms you have agreed to complete this week, discuss and record the following:

  • The description of the project.

  • The benefits of completing the project.

  • The actions required to complete the task.

  • Decide who will complete each action and when they will complete it.

  • Determine what supplies you will need and where you will purchase them.

  • Figure out if any of the work needs to be contracted out and who you will contact to do it.

  • If you’re not sure what actions or supplies are required for a home improvement task, go to the Lowes How To Library.

6. After you have recorded all the details, talk about the number of tasks agreed to for this week and determine if these are reasonable.

7. If you have too many tasks for the week, take the lowest priority items and add them to the “To Do Later” section of your notebook.

8. Put the tasks you can complete in priority order in the “To Do This Week” section of your binder.

Just Do It: Complete Tasks and Achieve Your Goals!

9. When you are ready to work on tasks at home, go to your Home Projects Notebook and work on the first item in the “This Week” section. After you finish a task, put the form in the “Completed” section and celebrate!

Monitor Your Progress

10. Meet once every week to evaluate your progress and to go through all new forms and existing forms.

  • Ask, “What’s working and what’s not working?”

  • Celebrate what’s working.

  • Problem-solve what’s not working.

  • Agree on the priority of your projects so that your most urgent and important tasks are taken care of first.

Enjoy Better Communication as You Complete Tasks Together

This process not only helps make sure you focus on and complete your most important tasks at home, it also assures that you and your spouse better communicate, understand, and appreciate each other.  Isn’t that what we all want? 

Need Help Applying this Concept?

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© 2012, Monte W. Davenport, Ph.D.