Make Your Resolutions a Reality: Set Goals for Your Success!


Rock ClimbingStriving for success in life without setting goals is like trying to climb a mountain without a well thought out plan and the necessary gear.  It’s overwhelming!  Where do you start? How will you ever reach the top?  It’s hard to imagine.

Many of us swear, “This year, I’m not going to smoke, chew, or hang out with those who do!” The next thing we know, it’s February, we’ve slipped back into our old routines, and we’re right back where we started.

This year, you can experience success one step at a time by identifying realistic goals, visualizing your goals, setting goals properly, taking daily action, and evaluating your progress often. In this series of articles, Dr. Davenport outlines ways adults and students can develop improved goal directed effort.

Goal Setting: Identifying What You Want in Life

Goal setting starts with figuring out what you want in life: dream big in at least four areas of life: mind, body, heart, and spirit. Use the sentence starters and questions listed in this post to open up your imagination and dream.

Setting Realistic Goals: Clarifying What You Want

After you’ve written out your dreams and let them sit for at least 26 hours, it’s time to identify your realistic goals. Ask these questions about each of your dreams to see if it is a real goal or just a dream to achieve later on.

Goal Setting: Visualizing Your Goals

In this article, Dr. Davenport outlines how to make a “Wanted Poster” for the goals you want to achieve this year. If you can see your goals every day, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Goal Setting: Seven Steps to Setting Successful Goals

Setting goals is a lot like playing golf. Devoted golfers can spend hours practicing and developing the skills and knowledge they need to become a well-functioning successful player.  Just like the die-hard golfer, committed goal-achievers (like you) should take some very specific steps. Use this seven step process to set and achieve goals in life.

Achieving Goals: Taking Daily Action

To achieve your goals, you need to take daily action. In this article, Dr. D shares his best tips to keep yourself moving toward your goals each day.

Achieving Goals: Evaluating Your Progress Often

As you strive toward your goals, it is important to evaluate your progress often and have a plan to get back on track when needed. In this article, you’ll learn how.

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