Before your first appointment with Dr. Davenport, please do the following:

1. Download and save the appropriate PDF form.

Parent Questionnaire and Consent Form

College Student/Young Adult Questionnaire and Consent Form

Adult Questionnaire and Consent Form (Age 25 and above)

2. Complete the appropriate PDF form.

  • You may print and complete these forms by hand.

  • You may download, complete, and save these PDF forms using a desktop or laptop computer.

  • Please do not complete these PDF forms using a tablet or phone.  These forms are not optimized for use with these devices and we have found that the entered information is not always saved correctly using these devices.

3. Fax or E-mail the completed form before your first appointment.

Call 817.421.8780 for our fax number.

Our e-mail is

If you want Dr. Davenport to communicate and collaborate with physicians or educators, please complete the appropriate release form:

Child and Teen Medical Release Form

Adult Medical Release (Age 18 and above)

Call 817.421.8780 for our fax number.


If you have questions about forms, please contact us.