ADHD, Anxiety, & Mood Evaluations


j0178820When you or your child are struggling, you need strong and reliable advice provided in a caring and compassionate manner. 

Dr. Davenport has over 20 years experience providing this type of assistance.


Monte takes a multifaceted approach to the assessment process that includes identifying strengths and making practical research-based recommendations to improve areas of need.

His assessments are designed to identify or rule-out ADD/ADHD, adjustment disorders, anxiety, depression, or other emotional concerns in all ages:

Dr. Davenport’s detailed recommendations build on strengths while supporting needs.

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Also Concerned about Your Child or Teen’s Learning?

Dr. Davenport provides two types of assessments to meet your specific needs.

  • Educational Assessments to identify intellectual, executive functioning, as well as, learning strengths and needs of children, teens, college students, and adults.

  • Dyslexia Assessments to identify or rule-out symptoms of dyslexia, as well as, related learning strengths and needs of children, teens, and college students.  


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