What is a clinical interview?

It is common for parents to want to know what to expect during their child or teen’s first appointment with a counselor.

A clinical interview has been called a conversation with a purpose.  Please know that my primary goal during this process is to make you and your child/teen feel comfortable.  This is not a cross-examination but a back-and-forth discussion that allows me to get to know you and your child better.

I start by giving you time to tell your story.  I want to hear about your child/teen’s life: your strengths, hopes, dreams, needs, and fears.  During our visit, I will ask some questions to identify your child’s specific strengths and needs, including:

  • What are your goals for our time together?
  • What are his or her strengths?
  • What are your current concerns?
  • How long have you had these concerns?
  • Are these problems seen mostly at home, school, and/or in social situations?
  • What have you tried to help address these concerns in the past?

Based on this information, I will make recommendations for next steps.  During our time together, you will also have time to ask questions of me.   During the clinical interview, I strive to help you and your child leave my office feeling more hopeful and less stressed than when you arrived.