Classroom Accommodations: The Art of Flexible Structuring




Classroom accommodations are a vital part of the management process for children and teens who struggle with executive functioning problems.   Accommodations should be used to assist students in managing their executive functioning challenges while facilitating success in their academic and personal efforts.  Consider the suggestions outlined in this series of articles.


Sustained Attention, Organization, and Working Memory

Optimal Sustained Attention in the Classroom

Improving Consistency in the Classroom

Using Cue Cards for Multiple-Step Procedures and Processes

Trouble Following Directions

Problems completing Multiple Step Tasks

Tools for Active Reading for Comprehension

Math Accommodations

Time, Timing, and Timeliness

Time Management Alternatives

Self-Management and Response Inhibition

Using a Self-Monitoring Checklist

Using a Checklist to Complete Written Work

Accommodating Impulsivity or acting before thinking

Positive Behavior Management in the Classroom

Using a Daily Report Card to Collaborate

Addressing Problems with Changes in Routine

Accommodating Difficulty Transitioning from one task to another

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