Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Improves Executive Functions!

j0443311Over the past decade, numerous organizations and individuals have been developing, studying, and refining ways to foster the development of executive functioning skills (sustained attention, working memory, organiza­tion, time management, planning/prioritizing, task initiation, response inhibition, and self-management).

Research supports the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral ther­apy as a viable psychosocial intervention to address weak executive functioning skills.  We are proud to offer DFW this research based approach for individuals of all ages.


Adults can benefit from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to develop executive skill strategies as shown in research published by clinicians and researchers at Mt. Sinai in New York and Mass General Hospital in Boston.

These approaches used behavioral and cognitive strategies to impart skills and methods to improve the ability to manage time, stay organized, plan/prioritize in daily life, and get started on important tasks.

These findings are exciting because we are the first center in Dallas-Fort Worth to use these research-based approaches to address executive functioning weaknesses!

Children and Teens

Children and Teens can benefit from developing executive skills utilizing research-based practices developed by educators, clinicians, and researchers at the New Hampshire Center for Learning and Attention Disorders, the Research Institute for Learning and Attention, and the University of Toronto have shown that these skills can be improved in children and teens using a variety of approaches.  Our solutions for children and teens are based on the research these organizations have completed over the past two decades.

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