The Life Solutions Team

Monte W. Davenport, Ph.D.

Dr. Davenport’s career is dedicated to helping children, teens, and adults develop skills to be successful on the playground, in the classroom, at work, and in life. His specialties include assessment, counseling, parent training, educational consultation, and cognitive behavior therapy to address executive functioning deficits.

Charles Z. Pryzant, M.D., P.A.

Dr. Charles Pryzant is a General, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. He is Board Certified and has been in practice for 18 years, the last 12 of those being in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His main interest is in the treatment of ADHD through the life span, but he also enjoys working with people with all types of mental health needs including depression, mood disorders, OCD, Panic Disorder, Anxiety, and Trauma. Dr. Pryzant has extensive experience treating people for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and especially enjoys working with this population. To contact Dr. Pryzant, e-mail him at or call 972-661-8739.

Kay Lynn Davenport, M.S.

As the spouse and parent of two very determined individuals who struggle with a number of executive functioning skills, Kay Lynn understands your needs and is able to help you as you begin the journey to improving life for yourself, your family, your teen, or your child.

Call Kay Lynn today to see how the Life Solutions team can best meet your unique requirements.