What are Your Fees?

Our fees vary depending on the services you are seeking. In order to best meet your specific needs, please call Kay Lynn at 817.421.8780 to discuss our fees.            

Do You Provide Neurofeedback for ADHD?

According to the National Resource Center on ADHD,  “Current research does not support conclusive claims about its efficacy. Based on the available evidence and the cost involved, parents and others should continue to exercise caution if considering neurofeedback as an intervention for themselves or their child.”  Therefore, we have decided not provide […]

What about Continuous Performance Tasks for ADHD?

No, we do not administer these expensive type tests because they are not yet approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics or the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  Our evaluation focuses on evidence based information gathering from the people who know your child the best – parents and […]

Email Us

Email us to make an appointment or request information. We will respond within 4 to 8 hours. If you need more immediate assistance, please call us.

Do You Take/File Insurance?

Monte W. Davenport, Ph.D. does not participate in any insurance or managed care systems; however, upon payment for services, he can provide you a receipt detailing credentials, CPT coding for services provided, and diagnostic codes which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Dr. Davenport is an approved […]

What To Expect During Your First Appointment

Going to see a mental health professional is a major decision for anyone, and you are to be commended for taking this first step. Many people do not know what to expect at their first appointment.  Please know that our primary goal is to make you feel comfortable.  We strive […]

Family Problems

Some parents are embarrassed and hesitant to share information about family problems.  These are important matters for Dr. Davenport to consider.  Remember, that all information you share with him is confidential.  Dr Davenport has been working with families for 20 years: during this time, he has dealt with many private […]

How Do We Get Started?

Call 817-421-8780 to make an appointment. Please download and complete the appropriate forms before your first appointment.  It is helpful for you to bring copies of any previous test results and progress reports from previous services providers. Consider the suggestions outlined in the article What to Expect During Your First Appointment Please […]

Why do we need teacher input?

 In order to diagnose ADD/ADHD and most other childhood/adolescent disorders, we must be able to show that  the symptoms are seen at home and school.  During the school year, it is best to have the teacher complete a questionnaire, but during the summer, gathering this information can be challenge.   If you have […]

What is the Parenting Success curriculum?

Parenting Success! is not a “parenting class” or a boxed curriculum.  For parents of children aged four to twelve, it is eight weeks of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy designed to meet the specific and unique needs of each child and family.   Parents of teenagers receive ten weeks of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy designed to […]

Do you prescribe medication?

Dr. Charles Pryzant is a General, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. He is Board Certified and has been in practice for 18 years, the last 12 of those being in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

His main interest is in the treatment of ADHD through the life span, but he also enjoys working with people with all types of mental health needs including depression, mood disorders, OCD, Panic Disorder, Anxiety, and Trauma. Dr. Pryzant has extensive experience treating people for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and especially enjoys working with this population.

To make an appointment with Dr. Pryzant, call 972-661-8739.

Frequently Asked Questions

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