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MP900321197[1]Over the years, Dr. Davenport has written a number of articles to help address the needs of children, teens, adults, and families struggling with many aspects of life.

This index of articles is designed to serve as a launching point to help you start down the path of finding the help you desire and deserve.  Enjoy!


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The Myths, Mysteries, & Magic

Anxiety, Mood, and Adjustment Disorders

Anxiety, Mood, and Adjustment Disorders: Help for Your Child or Teen 

Anxiety: Lions, Tigers, and Projects. Oh My!

Behavior and Discipline Problems

Behavior & Discipline at Home and School 

Economics 101: Increasing Wanted Behaviors

Economics 201: Decreasing Unwanted Behaviors



Educational Care for Students with ADHD and Executive Functioning Problems

Educational Care 

Executive Functions

Executive Functions are Not Parties for CEOs!

Active Learning Strategies for Executive Functioning Difficulties 

Goal Directed Persistence: Setting Goals to Achieve What You Want in Life

Response Inhibition: Improving Your Child’s Ability to Stop and Think before Acting

Response Inhibition: Reducing Impulsivity at School

Self-Monitoring: Helping Your Student Check His Work and Not Drop the Ball!

Time Management Alternatives for Teens & Adults

Planning a Project at Home and Getting It Done!

Planning a Project at Work and Getting It Done!

Prioritize!: Two Tools for Prioritizing Your Most Important Tasks

Starting Tasks: Overcoming Procrastination!

Working Memory: How Memories are Made

Working Memory: What Is It and How Do I Get More? 

Working Memory: Why We Forget to Remember

Motivation for Change

Change Is Hard!: What Difficult Change are You Facing?  Here’s Help and Hope!

Overcoming Procrastination: A Values-Based Approach


Parenting: Addressing Behavior & Discipline Concerns

Parenting: Improving Your Child or Teen’s Ability to Stop and Think Before Acting

Parenting: Loving Your Determined Child

Parenting: Making Treatment Decisions

Parenting Resilience: Overcoming Shame and Being Vulnerable for Your Struggling Child 

Parenting: Wise Ways to Change Your Why’s into What’s


Self-Compassion: Helping Your Child/Teen Develop More Than Self-Esteem 

Self-Compassion is not Self-Centeredness, Self-Pity or Easy

Self-Compassion: Embracing Your Humanness

Practicing Self-Kindness to Silence Your Inner Critic

Practicing Mindful Mindfulness in a Distracted World

Social Strategies: Doing What’s Expected to Stay Connected!

Social Strategies for Children and Teens with Executive Functioning Problems

Treatment Decisions

Treatment Decisions for Your ADHD Child or Teen

Treatment Decisions: How to Read Research

Need Help Applying These Concepts?

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