Anxiety, Mood & Adjustment Challenges

When considering the difficulties you or your child are having, it is important to contemplate all possible causes including anxiety, mood, and adjustment disorders.  Children and teens who struggle with these challenges may have trouble with school performance and behavior.  They may appear distracted, impulsive, and even hyperactive.   Adults struggling with these difficulties may be irritable and may impulsively say or do things without thinking.

In this series of articles, Dr. Davenport outlines some of the common symptoms of these challenges and how to best address these needs.




Anxiety: Lions, and Tigers, and Projects, Oh My!

Addressing Depression & Mood Disorders COMING SOON!

Adjusting to Change

During a thorough evaluation, questions are asked to either identify or exclude anxiety or mood disorders.  If these disorders are present, an appropriate management plan should be developed to address your child’s specific needs.  Often, goal-oriented counseling is an important part of this plan.

For additional information about challenges of mood and anxiety, consider the following articles from the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.